Sunday, May 17, 2015

The End of Their Era.

I have incubated and hatched my own girls' eggs this year. It was exciting and nerve wrecking! Post to come on that experience.

But, with 17 precious little ones almost ready to make their debut, I needed space for them. I've noticed that egg production is down, by a good bit. And decided it was time to condense the birds from two coops into one. This left me with two problems. First, my two roo's don't like to share their roosts. Second, while I could squeeze all 22 of my birds in to the large coop, it is more so built for around 15 for comfort.  So, someones need to go.

Thus marks the end of their era. What do do with older hens? Stew meat. But, I do not do the life taking process and Pop Pop has been busy. Also, the issue of Big Boy. I hate to just kill the guy, he did such a great job as flock leader. The internet it is! I sold my girls and Big Boy to a very excited woman. I don't know what their future holds, but hope they have a happy ending.

These guys hold a special place in my heart as my gateway animals. They were the first on the property. We've learned a lot together. So, it is a little sad to see them go. But reality says I can't keep feeding someone who isn't supplying anything either. I love all my animals and strongly believe in taking care of them to the best possible. If any have to be "removed", it happens the healthiest way. If life is possible, I will choose that path first. Thankfully these girls and handsome boy get life!

I can walk around all day holding him and he's happy!