Monday, January 7, 2013

Collecting Eggs in the Winter

I was down at the feed store to get layer feed. The person behind the counter told me to not bother with layer feed during the winter. I asked why, my girls are still laying and they just gave me a weird look. This is our first winter with chickens. How many eggs are you collecting right now? I'm in Pennsylvania and I'm collecting on average 6 eggs a day from my 9 girls. Just wondering how everyone else is doing collecting eggs during the winter months.
A basket of eggs.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Feel Good Moment

The snow has fallen, the earth is silent. It is as if the world around has stopped to stare at the wonder before us. A soft whisper of the wind dances about the trees. As the last rays of light sink beneath the horizon, the cool of the night wraps around your shoulders.

The stillness, the silence. The nothingness. The snows glow awakens the crispness of of the cool night. And there, in that moment you lift your eyes to the heavens and, in wonder, you take in the perfection of the creator. The heavens, spotless of clouds, fresh in the storms pass open wide to a hundred stars.

Right there for just a moment, you are able to take in such stillness and perfection, such peace and beauty.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Me.

I'm not one for new years resolutions. I don't like starting something that is most likely not going to be completed. So, thankfully I started going to the gym a number of months ago!

However, this is a new year. And I'm excited for it to be a chance for a new me! Over the last six months a lot has changed in my life. A LOT! I plan to close the last of the cracked open doors and move on to  the doors at the end of the hall that are starting to open wide. My future lies a head not behind. I can set goals, goals can be good if they are realistic, but I wont set resolution goals.

No one can guaranteed where we will be in a couple of months, so how can we set goals for 12 months from now... especially when most of them are unrealistic? With how my life has changed, I know that is not practical for me.

Did you make resolutions you feel wont make it to the summer? Or did you just skip making any in fear of letting yourself down? I say do away with the year long resolutions and simply make goals for short term.

By years end I plan to be a pretty amazing woman.... but that plan will come to be by taking small steps along the way!