Monday, December 31, 2012

Not More of THAT Stuff.

Two days ago we had more snow. About 3 inches this time. The chickens stayed out until it started to lay and made their way indoors.

Yesterday, when I opened them up, they were still not impressed. A couple stepped outside the door and turned around and went right back in. They didn't bother coming near the door the rest of the day. I, however, still went up and checked on them... and learned there was a nice ice patch at the door. Yep, it took my feet right out from under me, tossing the feed lid through the door and freaking out a coop full of chickens!

Today, well today was a different story. I guess two days cooped up and they were ready to venture into the white unknown. I was kind enough to shovel the little snow drift at the door so they had less to walk in at first. But after a few minutes they got over themselves and wondered around....well most of them did. And Big Boy, well he crowed for about 20 minutes straight. Guess he had a few extra words to get out after being cooped up with the girls for two days!

On the other side of the fence, Z had fun sledding and the dogs were crazy over ice chips and sled chasing! Smiles all around this morning!

The Brave

The Unsure

The Hold Outs

Hehe, Chicken Prints!
My Man
The Chicken Guard

The Sled Chaser

The Ice Chomper

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Joy?

What happen to Christmas Joy this year? I love Christmas time. Like really love Christmas time! I sing songs all year long. I put up my tree the beginning of November and take it down end of January or February. I love to look at the decorations in peoples front yards. Yeah, love Christmas.

But this year has been different. Where is the joy? The trees up, presents are wrapped and under it, decorations are up. But where is the joy? It doesn't feel like Christmas. With the celebration only days away, why can't I get myself into the spirit?

This is something I seriously pondered. It's not like me. Then I realized, I did all my shopping online, I haven't taken my son out to see the sights (we usually go at least once a week to drive around), and simply my life has been going through so many changes this year.

I need to feel the joy, I need to feel the happiness, I need to feel Christmas. Yeah sounds funny, but if you knew me! So, I called up a friend and we drove around and around looking at displays. Then, on Saturday we went to Long Wood Gardens. I have wanted to see their Christmas display for years. It was an amazing day. We listened to Christmas music the whole ride and then the lights, the outdoors, and the green houses and all those flowers and displays... I found it. I found the joy. I had three amazing people with me and I love them all so much, I am so grateful for them. I'm ready for Christmas, I'm excited now. Tomorrow night I'm taking my baby out to see displays and we are going to enjoy ourselves.

 It's Christmas time! Time for love, laughter. Time for family and friends. Time for lights, smells and sounds. Time for Jesus! Time for joy.

Long Wood Gardens:
Pictures aren't the best, but if you are able to visit one of these years, you should!

This room smelled so amazing!
The trees were beautiful.

Water fountain was amazing without water!

Simply a splendid time.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Big Dogs.

Every family should have a big dog, at least that is my opinion. They are great companions, you always feel safe with a big dog at your side. They are great at keeping the kids protected.
 They are like movable jungle gyms. They can handle A LOT!
Surprised he fit on the chair, let alone Z on top!
Coco is our second saint bernard. Honestly, I can't imagine life with out one. They have both been amazing with kids from baby on up. There is nothing like a big dog!
Z 10 months, Coco 10 weeks. Buddies from the get go!

5 Years Ago...

Five years ago today my little love came into this world. I do not know who I would be or how I would have made it to this day with out him. His smile lights up my day, his laughter warms my heart. His hugs are the best and his kisses can be slobbery! He is smart, easily excited, loves to tell people about Jesus, and all around the best! Happy Birthday Baby!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Feel Good Moment

Today is a bitter sweet moment.

Early this morning we got word a good friend has passed on. In his short 22 years he has battled for his life nearly every day, but his faith never waned. He continued to believe in healing, he believed in a loving God, he desired to see everyone know the Jesus he loved. He was an inspiration. Yes there are tears, but there is also peace. God is in control, even when we don't understand.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

One Day....

If you know me, I mean like really know me, you would have heard me utter those words at least a dozen times. Yep, "one day" seems to be my famous words.

Why? Because I refuse to give up my dreams. I refuse to let go of the hope of lived to the fullest. Surely we can not have everything today. It would be nice if it arrived yesterday. But, what would we look forward to if we had it all now? What would build character in us? I think it's good to have the hope of one days in our life.

You see one day I will have a complete and beautiful family, I will have a warm and welcoming home, and land filled with animals. One day I will see ministry happen regularly outside of the church building, I will see kids and teens filled with hope. One day I will stand tall without the weight of the world on my shoulders. One day....

No, I wont stop dreaming. I will continue to look for those "one days". I will celebrate when they arrive and start looking for the next one. I don't want to live small and for myself. I want to live a life that is full and complete and encompasses those around me!

Find beauty in simplicity. Look for "one days".

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