Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Feel Good Moment

Take a deep breath. Deeper. Use your diaphragm. The feeling of filling your lungs is refreshing. The average American person doesn't use their full lung capacity. We have our bodies under so much stress and most of us don't sleep properly, that our breathe isn't as refreshing and life giving as it should be.

So stop every now and then and breath. Allow your body to be revived with the simplest of ways God has given us to have life.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Garden is Flourishing

We have been enjoying the produce in the backyard. I have had a number of tomato sandwiches this summer. I haven't enjoyed a fresh tomato sandwich in years! And cucumbers daily. It has been a joy to taste the sweet flavors of truly fresh produce.

Z thinks it's amazing to go and pick his own veggies and loves watching the watermelons grow. I love watching him studying and taking in the joy of growing something from a tiny seed. He has been patient with the whole process too. He helped clear the yard and clean up the rocks. He helped to plant the seeds. And now he's enjoying the picking end of things. Kids have a way of making the simple, over looked things turn into something truly amazing and thought provoking!
Yummy melons!

Nasturtium. Have yet to try them, need to!

Can't wait to eat the melons!

Tomatoes galore!

Tiny Jalapeno.

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The Garden Has Been Invaded!

Most of us love the fresh produce we have been able to gather form our own backyards. Well, our garden is loved so much so that we have visitors that have built a nest. Six little visitors in fact. We have tried to tell it's mother it was a bad spot. Even tried to remove the nest, but she is a persistent mother!

They were really cute. Thankfully they caused no damage. Sadly the big dog found the nest and killed one. The bunnies have since moved on to greener pastures outside of the garden!

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What Made Him Think Up This One?

I have always been amazed at the vast array of colors and shapes and creatures in out world. How did God manage to come up with each and every thing? With how amazing the little details are, how can someone say it just happened to come into being when a bunch of particles collided?

What brings me to to talk of such awesomeness? Well when I was out wondering with the chickens I came upon this little beauty-

The green around the middle was so bright and lime in color and the little details were amazing. As long as I don't find things like this in the garden I will be pleased to admire them!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How do I Know God is in Control?

With everything that has been happening in life.... not everything has been kept up and perfect. Back in our home with a hitch, I had scriptures all around my sons' bed on sticky notes. He could quote all of those scriptures... close to 20 of them.

Well, this afternoon I have been finishing unpacking the last of our stuff and just happened upon one of those sticky notes. It was Psalms 41:2. One of my biggest concerns at this time is my son. What mother doesn't worry about their baby? We want the best for our kids, we want them to grow up in a perfect world, perfect family. But we can't guarantee that. We can not control everything. We have to throw up our hands and give it to God. But that is not always easy..... yet, we have to.

My son is going to be okay. Everything is going to work out for him. My little prince will make it!

Psalm 41:2  The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive, and he will be blessed on the earth; You will not deliver him to the will of his enemies.

I stand here, with arms thrown in the air, and say- "Okay God, Z's yours. I can't do it all. But, please forgive me for the times I will try and take control again."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sometimes Life Comes First

I have not forgotten about the blog already, I promise. Life has taken the forefront in my life for now. I do have plenty of great posts planned... but first I need all my focus elsewhere.

Have you ever felt your body shutting down? It's not a great feeling....especially when you are only 26! How about watching your dear child suffering from all the stress in the air? You would rather feel your body shut down! Trust me on that! I had to make some drastic steps.

A few weeks ago when I started the Friday Feel Good posts, they were more for me than your enjoyment. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that life is still good. There are reasons to smile and thank God.

A lot has happened in the last 7 years of my life. They helped to define me, break me, strengthen me, and bring me to this point. I have felt a lot of emotions in the beginning, then went numb, and well now the emotions have been flooding back. I'm alive again. I can breath again. My body is coming back to life and healing again. My son is back to himself again and is sleeping at night too! God is still with us, He spent a spell carrying us, but now we are walking with him again.

Songs have been so important to me since I could talk. These are a few that have walked me through this journey the last few weeks.  So, with out knowing a lot, want to join me on this walk of coming back to life?

 After the tears started to fall again, God moved me on to understanding.
Then it was time to deal with the truth of the situation I was living.
But, in the end I could see and breath and feel and felt alive again.
I know this songs were written for one reason or another, but God will speak to you in the moment that you are in, one song can mean something different to a dozen different people. This is just a part of the freedom and rejuvenation Jesus took me through, am I through it But, I'm still walking forward.

I will pick back up on posting and stick more to the homesteading/crazy animal post, but please give me a little patients. In advance....Thank you!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Proud Momma of Her Hens

Every blogger who has chickens seems to have her proud momma post. I didn't want to feel left out. So, that said excuse me for a moment so that I can be a proud momma for a few moments. This week a little girl turned in to a big girl. She laid her first egg!
Our precious little egg. This egg was laid back on Tuesday. Now, this afternoon, we found two little eggs! My girls are growing up!! It won't be much longer till we will be finished buying eggs from anywhere! I can't wait!!!!

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The Camper Got a Laundry Room!!

I have mentioned my unloving side for laundry and downsizing while upgrading on this blog, like HERE and HERE. We have done a lot of upgrading to our little “home with a hitch”! And now we have the newest addition of a laundry room!

Okay, okay, so its my kitchen counter and sink. But that little machine is a hand crank washer. I have now finished two loads with it since it arrived yesterday afternoon. It is a Wonder Washer.
 I don’t like to give my opinion on things until I have used them at least for a month. So, I will not say a lot on the washing abilities yet. But,  It is pretty simple to use and my son things it is awesome. Hmmm, is it wrong to have a 4 year old do laundry? Anyways the goal is to do the days laundry every night at bed time and hang it to dry so that in the morning I can put it way. We’ll see how it goes. Of course if things are still wet come morning there is always solar sun drying!
Putting the solar dryer to good use!

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