Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring is Coming!

February is ending and March is arriving. Boy am I excited! It's time to order chicks, start working the dirt in the garden, order seeds, start seeds. It's time to get my hands dirty again!
Even the birds seem happy to have a blue sky!
 It's time to break out the dresses and flip flops. Time to feel the breeze in your hair and sun on your face. It's time to sit by a fire, watch the stars, lay in a hammock.

Can you tell I love spring time?

I'm looking forward to watching the bounty of the garden gathered daily, the chickens getting free time in the yard, my son being able to play and get muddy everyday outside.
Z and Joy Bells having fun.
Hmmm. Feels good to just think about it, now I'm ready to get it going and happening!

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