Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Is THAT!?!

So this morning we a woke to a lite coat of snow. Z was ecstatic! The dogs didn't want to come back in. And the chickens.... well, they were NOT impressed.
What is THAT!?!
They were not happy when the gate finally went up and that white stuff was out there. They crowded the door clucking unhappily until one girl got pushed out by the others. She freaked out and bolted back in. And that has been their morning.
You can not make me go out there!
After going in there to check on their food and water, Mr. It finally freaked out enough and ran outside. He walked to the back of the pen, realized this might not be as bad as he thought and called for the rest to join him. Sadly they didn't believe him and stayed inside. So, in his loneliness he went back inside... where they remain....with an unhappy, crowing Big Boy.
Little Mr. It thinking this isn't too bad.
So, that said, I think I will be cleaning the coop tomorrow!

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