Monday, January 7, 2013

Collecting Eggs in the Winter

I was down at the feed store to get layer feed. The person behind the counter told me to not bother with layer feed during the winter. I asked why, my girls are still laying and they just gave me a weird look. This is our first winter with chickens. How many eggs are you collecting right now? I'm in Pennsylvania and I'm collecting on average 6 eggs a day from my 9 girls. Just wondering how everyone else is doing collecting eggs during the winter months.
A basket of eggs.

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  1. I keep a light on when the daylight house get shorter, that way they are tricked into laying more :)
    I would love to have you share this tomorrow on the Winter on the HomeAcre Hop!

  2. I am actually getting more now than when it was super hot in the summer. Probably 6-7 a day from a dozen girls. Some are naughty birds though and hide their eggs, so I usually find about a clutch a week of maybe 10 or so...

    1. Great hearing for you Heather, glad your girls are doing good!