Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Do you know what is hard? When you know what you want and what you long for... but you don't know the details, the fine print. Then you have those moments where you think you see it. You think things are coming together, but then you realize no, it's not.

In all of this you still cant stop going forward, life doesn't stop. You have to keep going and just figure it out as it happens. One day all the pieces will fall into place, you will sit back and think of how that is so beautiful. It's perfect.

I'm a dreamer... a big dreamer. I dream of the impossible, the things that are too big to make sense. I'm happy with those dreams. I have gone a long time with out dreams, why not dream big now?  I serve a God who gives us the desires of our hearts, a God who enjoys making the impossible happen.

So dream away, dreamer!

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