Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Home School Advice Please

I love home schooling my son... most days. Like any child, he has days that he does amazing and he has days where nothing seems to make sense to him. I have days where I want to scream and must excuse myself from the room for a few minutes so I don't and days where I am amazed at his progress.

He is in second grade now. I feel that I should be able to leave him at the table to work on a page while I do something in the same room. He, however, becomes helpless when I am not by his side giving him my complete attention. How do you other parents handle your kids? Do you feel they should be able to do some of their schooling with out you pointing at every single word they need to read? How do I teach my son to be independent with the easy papers? 


  1. I've found that my girls are quicker learners and more attentive while my boys are easily distracted and need more guidance. I tried using Agave Bears (gummy bears) as a reward when my kids were doing their work themselves, but then it became a bad habit. I used that experience to show them that they CAN do the work themselves and would encourage them daily to do what they could themselves (carefully making sure that they WERE able and not just setting them up for failure). Then, if they didn't do certain work independently, I had to discipline for being lazy. I used Scripture to help also...ones that talked about being a diligent worker and ones about laziness. Blessings! Kelli

    1. Thank you for the advice Kelli. I started trying little things kind of similar to it. Some days it goes better then others. I think with him being an only child and the sole recipient of my attention at this time doesn't exactly help. But thanks for the advice!