Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sometimes Life Comes First

I have not forgotten about the blog already, I promise. Life has taken the forefront in my life for now. I do have plenty of great posts planned... but first I need all my focus elsewhere.

Have you ever felt your body shutting down? It's not a great feeling....especially when you are only 26! How about watching your dear child suffering from all the stress in the air? You would rather feel your body shut down! Trust me on that! I had to make some drastic steps.

A few weeks ago when I started the Friday Feel Good posts, they were more for me than your enjoyment. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that life is still good. There are reasons to smile and thank God.

A lot has happened in the last 7 years of my life. They helped to define me, break me, strengthen me, and bring me to this point. I have felt a lot of emotions in the beginning, then went numb, and well now the emotions have been flooding back. I'm alive again. I can breath again. My body is coming back to life and healing again. My son is back to himself again and is sleeping at night too! God is still with us, He spent a spell carrying us, but now we are walking with him again.

Songs have been so important to me since I could talk. These are a few that have walked me through this journey the last few weeks.  So, with out knowing a lot, want to join me on this walk of coming back to life?

 After the tears started to fall again, God moved me on to understanding.
Then it was time to deal with the truth of the situation I was living.
But, in the end I could see and breath and feel and felt alive again.
I know this songs were written for one reason or another, but God will speak to you in the moment that you are in, one song can mean something different to a dozen different people. This is just a part of the freedom and rejuvenation Jesus took me through, am I through it But, I'm still walking forward.

I will pick back up on posting and stick more to the homesteading/crazy animal post, but please give me a little patients. In advance....Thank you!


  1. I'll be praying for you sweet girl!!!

    1. Thanks Kelli, Your comments have been amazing. And trust me when I say right now I am not turning prayer away!