Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Camper Got a Laundry Room!!

I have mentioned my unloving side for laundry and downsizing while upgrading on this blog, like HERE and HERE. We have done a lot of upgrading to our little “home with a hitch”! And now we have the newest addition of a laundry room!

Okay, okay, so its my kitchen counter and sink. But that little machine is a hand crank washer. I have now finished two loads with it since it arrived yesterday afternoon. It is a Wonder Washer.
 I don’t like to give my opinion on things until I have used them at least for a month. So, I will not say a lot on the washing abilities yet. But,  It is pretty simple to use and my son things it is awesome. Hmmm, is it wrong to have a 4 year old do laundry? Anyways the goal is to do the days laundry every night at bed time and hang it to dry so that in the morning I can put it way. We’ll see how it goes. Of course if things are still wet come morning there is always solar sun drying!
Putting the solar dryer to good use!

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  1. We have used ours only once. It seems I have to learn more about getting more of the water out when rinsing. It took forever for the underwear and socks to dry.
    There is some more I need to learn about using it without any problems.
    Good luck with yours

    1. I actually liked it. A mini wringer was on my list to go with it to make things easier. It takes a little getting use to. But it sure does save dragging everything somewhere to wash it!

  2. I have been trying to get wringer for mine also since I already have the square wash tub. Lehmans want $189.00 for a set. Have been looking at antiques/thrift shops but they are mostly pretty worn out and cracking rollers.

  3. I was wondering how you guys were doing laundry! :) I've seen this around and I think it would work awesome for a small family. I'd need a couple of them to fit our brood. I've looked into "the bucket technique" where you use a plunger with a bucket full of water and soap and plunge to your heart's content. Then solar dry. Let me know how you like it!! Blessings. ~Kelli

    1. You would definitely be busy if you used this for your family! I liked it, the few times I used it. The bucket and plunger...I thought about that too, but then my father in law got this for us when I mentioned it. So that made it an easy choice for me. At this time my son and I are living with my parents, so not sure when I will get to use it again. It's all in God's hands. But on the up note, the sun is shining today and my son is sleeping at night again!

  4. Hmmm, that little washer looks awfully familiar! ;) We love ours & are looking forward to getting the dryer soon.