Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Garden is Flourishing

We have been enjoying the produce in the backyard. I have had a number of tomato sandwiches this summer. I haven't enjoyed a fresh tomato sandwich in years! And cucumbers daily. It has been a joy to taste the sweet flavors of truly fresh produce.

Z thinks it's amazing to go and pick his own veggies and loves watching the watermelons grow. I love watching him studying and taking in the joy of growing something from a tiny seed. He has been patient with the whole process too. He helped clear the yard and clean up the rocks. He helped to plant the seeds. And now he's enjoying the picking end of things. Kids have a way of making the simple, over looked things turn into something truly amazing and thought provoking!
Yummy melons!

Nasturtium. Have yet to try them, need to!

Can't wait to eat the melons!

Tomatoes galore!

Tiny Jalapeno.

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  1. The meons look delicious! I've never had good luck with mine. Hope you enjoy eating them. :)