Saturday, July 28, 2012

YOU Are Not a Rooster!!!

We have this group of beautiful bluebirds that hang out around us.
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Pretty huh? They are by far one of the most annoying sounding birds! They sound more like a broken car alarm than a beautiful songbird. There is one boy in particular that feels the need to awaken the morning right outside our window. Every morning! At 5:30!!
I am not a morning person. Even as a teen it was torture to wake up before 7. In middle school the bus arrived at 7:05 to get me. I woke at 6:55. I gave myself just enough time to dress, brush teeth and hair, grab an apple and sprint down the driveway to meet the bus. Now as an adult I have thanked God time after time for a son that rises between 8 and 9. I wake around 7:30 and have time to myself and to get the day started.
So, now that you know what my mornings are like, you can imagine the joy I feel by this bluebird. I can sleep through most of the morning sunrise songs, but this broken car alarm reaches that annoying pitch that just rings through every inch of you.
My dear bluebird friend, YOU are not a rooster! Please wait to sound the alarm until there is trouble or the rest of the world is awake. Thank You!

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