Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Feel Good Moment

Feeling alive. Feeling like you can conquer the world! Remember that feel we got when we finished high school. We were getting ready to go to college or find our first BIG job. Or maybe get married and start running our own house and family. We felt like we owned the world, like we were in charge. We could do anything and nothing would stand in our way......until reality showed up. How many of us quieted our dreams? Some of us may have even given up on our dreams all together, stuck them in a box to never think about them again.

I was starting to give up on my dreams. Holding tight to my biggest dreams and trying to push them into being. That doesn't usually work so great. But I just couldn't let go of dreams I forged at the age of 13. Just over half my life has been held in these dreams. I planned my future in them. Some of them came to be...but only lasted a short season. I still hold on to them hoping they come back around.

Well, I've started a new phase of my life. I'm getting a fresh chance and I'm dreaming big again. A lot of things have not turned out as I hoped, but I'm not giving up. I'm standing back up, dusting off my jeans, lifting my chin high, taking a deep breath and starting over again. With more defined dreams and visions ahead of me, I'm moving forward again. But this time, I'm not going to force things to happen, I'm gonna just let my dreams fall into place.

Don't stop dreaming. Maybe you need to regroup and redefine you dreams, but don't stop dreaming. With out a dream what would we become? Who would we be? America was formed with the dream of worshiping God freely. The west came to be with the dream of land, farming, and maybe a bit of greed for gold. We all know Martin Luther Kings dream. If we stop dreaming we are nothing. We lose our hope, our joy, our desire for life. Keep dreaming, encourage your friends to dream. Help you kids dream. Don't silence the dream of the babes.

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  1. Thank you for posting this Abigail! Sometimes, things get in the way of our dreams, but as long as you feel the Holy Spirit's leading for where your family should go and what your family should do, hang on strong girl. :) Life throws us curve balls sometimes, but with God's help, we can dodge them. We may even be able to catch that ball thrown at us and fight back with more courage. Keep on keepin' on!!! :) Hugs!