Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Feel Good Moment

My son is my world right now. I love watching him learn and grow. He looks forward to our future. He longs for the animals and the land and climbing trees. He wants a big tree house and a horse of his own. He wants a blue bedroom and a swimming pool. Hes a dreamer like his mother!

I enjoy watching him with our chickens and dogs. They are the animals we have been blessed with at this time. He likes to help gather the eggs and throw greens out for them to eat. He enjoys watching them roam the yard when we give them free time at night. And the dogs... they are his moveable jungle gyms, his bed mates, his fetch partners.

I look at my son, the child I love so dearly, and have to smile. He's a child after my own heart. He is pleased to use his hands, to be outside and get dirty. He enjoys working with the animals God has given us. He dreams and hopes for his future. He is innocent. That is something to smile and feel good about.

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