Monday, August 18, 2014

You Want Me to Do a Spartan Race? Now That's Motivating!

I have been blessed by some amazing friends. There are three siblings I spend some point of the weekend with, almost every weekend. It has been so refreshing to have friends I can goof off with and yet be serious and have some amazing conversations with.

Well a couple weekends ago we met for some volleyball at the park and bumped into another group of young adults hanging out. We started talking and they brought up a Spartan sprint they had done earlier in the summer. At which point the guys got excited and insisted they needed to do this too! Hmm, no, not me. Reality has shown its face already and I know I am no longer a teenager. Even when I was a teen I don't know that I could run 5 miles throwing myself over and under obstacles and lugging around heavy objects. While I have always been some what athletic, I've never been the strongest and I don't have the best endurance.

Enter this guy-
I know, bad pic... but he doesn't like to smile for the camera!
Shall we call him The Hammer? Perhaps Dream Crusher? Let's stick with Hammer, doesn't sound as..... well dream killing for a dreamer like myself. Anyways, The Hammer insists that he is going to do this and, drum roll please, I am doing it with him.... even if he has to drag me. Oh my friend, perhaps not dragging, but more like carrying! Let me just add in here that he has played ice hockey and lacrosse straight through school and college. And still plays hockey as an adult. In other words, he is still in good shape. He hasn't let the craziness of adult life distract him for keeping a level of fitness.

Whether or not this race actually happens, it is a good level of motivation for me. I'm the kind person who needs a purpose, something I'm working towards. I don't have a gym membership, so I need something that will push me from my own living room. And today I did it. I got one of those dvds out. Not the easy aerobics with a girl sporting amazing hair from the 80's, but one that is actually going to push me harder. It says I'll have an amazing beach body in 6 weeks time. Well, I doubt that and I'm not going for that either, but I figured it was a good place to get started.... 45 minutes later and I was proved right. It was a great place to get started.

Any other moms out there wish they had someone to push and motivate them? How about the realization of just how much we let our health go? Start easy, we don't have to conquer the world tomorrow. And look for something simple that can get you going. Even if I don't do the run come next spring, for now it is a small thing that can get me moving and pushing myself again. If needed, find someone like The Hammer to drag you through some ridiculous race! We can do this... if not for our children or our future, then for ourselves!

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