Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Goats On The Horizon.

I have been pondering a daily task for my son. Something that would give him responsibility and pride in what he is doing. He has stepped up with help in regards to the dogs and chickens, but at the same time they are not specifically his.

Skip over to my mom. She has been talking of goats for a few months now. She would like to have one for milk... not that we really drink milk. She, also, wants to try her hand at goat milk soap.

Knowing our limitations of milk drinking and the lack of need for milk daily, Alpines and Nubians are out. My mom has spent some time wandering around the internet and came across a couple Pygmy does that are breed to a Nigerian Dwarf. Small, milkable, good milk properties.

So, after about 4 years of reading, it looks like I will be bringing home goats. I go Tuesday to check them out and see if I like them. I feel comfortable with the knowledge I have, but when you put the reality of brain knowledge verses first hand experience... I may be a little nervous. Yet, I am very excited. Having managed with the chickens, garden and compost, I think goats will be a nice next step on our little plot of land.

Any advice or opinions for first time goat ownership?

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