Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After Effects of Hurricane Sandy

We are very grateful that God spared us form damage. I pray for those who weren't spared so. For those who lost homes in the fire, to those who had major damage at the shore and else where, to those who lost loved ones... we pray that you feel the comfort of God and that healing comes and that you are able to regroup and rebuild soon.

As for out little property, we were safe. We all slept on the main floor to be safe. Z prayed that not one tree would fall on our property. Well this morning we woke up and not one tree was down on our property. Lots and lots of leaves, but not trees! This is the most damage we had on our property:

Notice the sideways tree? It's right over the run but supported by other trees.
The chickens were SO excited to get out this morning. They did have a few small branches in their run, but that was it. However, the driveway that we share with three other homes and a landscape business did have one tree come down......blocking everyone!
One of the larger trees right across the drive. Neighbor is crouching on it.
The neighbor over from us has 4 trees down on his drive and our neighbor at the top of our driveway has 3 trees down, one of them right on his new addition. There have been a number of trees on homes in the area and one man was killed when a tree fell on him while taking his dogs out. We are grateful for God's protection. Just because our family was safe, please don't think we aren't thinking of everyone else. Our prayers are with you.

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  1. Wow - you had a lot more down then we did! So glad the tree didn't fall on the coop. I would love to invite you to link up with me at