Saturday, October 20, 2012

Does He Have Blood Poisoning?

My son had been away for the weekend and when he got home his cousins were over. So, needless to say, he was running wild out side until dark. After everyone gave their hugs and departed I took Z up to get ready for bed. He told me his foot hurt. I looked at his foot and it had a small cut on the side, but half of his foot was swollen and bright red. As if that was not enough, there was a red line going from the cut to half way up his shin. I felt that tightening feeling in my stomach. I ran and cleaned it out with soapy water and grabbed the sesame oil and lavender EO.

After applying the oils to the cut I took him to my mom, who said he looked like he had blood poisoning. Not the words a mother wants to hear at 9 o'clock at night. So, I packed my baby up and went off to the ER. And then we sat.....and sat.....and sat. Finally, after 4 hours of sitting and seeing only 3 people taken back (and around 5 people leave out of frustration) I asked someone about how much longer we might be waiting and the reply....."Well, you are still eighth on the list and we have no open beds back there."

EIGHTH ON THE LIST!?!?! At the rate they were moving it would be next week till someone saw us. So we packed up and went home. First thing in the morning I called an amazing person. Her name is Kathleen Stricker. She is into the all natural, healthy healing ways. She had me bring my son right in and told me how to treat him naturally.

Now mind you, I had already did a minor treatment on my own, till I got to Kathey, the red line was already half way down his leg. By the following, day after we saw Kathey, Z's foot was no longer swollen nor red and the line was gone. I was greatly relieved.

Until about 5 days later when I got a call from the hospital asking why we left and letting me know I would be receive a bill for $265. I was not happy. I wasted 4 hours in an ER that boast of a 30 minute wait. After a week of calling and talking to people the price was dropped to $120. I was still not happy but it was better than the $265 I didn't have. And as the cherry on top, my son was healthy, healed and there was no poison in his body.

Check Kathleen Stricker out at DayStar Natural. I will be blogging more about her as she has done so much to help the health of my whole family. She has been a great blessing and she is located in Berks County Pa. We drive a bit to see her, but it is more than worth it. If you ever want to check her out and make an appointment (which I recommend to anyone wanting to get away from the drugs and poisons of the traditional medical field) just let her know you heard about her here on Bliss and Life!)

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