Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lessons From the Chicken Coop Part 1

Any one with chickens....a roo in particular... will pick up a few character traits that make for a peaceful life for your beloved egg layers. This is my gathering form watching my girls and their men. Having roo issues? Maybe you need to share this with them!

Dear Mr. Roo,
I wanted to share a few things with you. Yes, you may be pretty and you may walk around strutting your stuff....... but, honestly, your girls have you right where they want you! There are a few things you must remember.
1. You need to protect your matter what!
2. Be prepared to give your yummy treasures up for your fact just let off that special call and let them know you found it. That way they don't have to be tempted to steal it.
3. Make sure your girls get in to the coop safely at night before you head in.
4. You're the man of the coop. Watch who/what enters that door with don't want your girls being disturbed when they are in the egg laying process.
5. Don't attack the back of the one who feeds you. We don't take kindly to that!
6. Be nice to your girls or the one who feeds you will give you a warning!
7. Let your girls know that the other boys aren't going to abuse them while those boys wait to walk
 the green mile.
Such a hard list of things to accomplish, but I know you can do it. You really are important and greatly loved....even if the girls run form you in the morning!
The hand that feeds you.

Dear Mr. Roo, You forgot about rule #4. You should have heard their screeches!
P.S. Mr. Beak you have been warned! Follow the above rules or you will be taking that walk down the green mile!

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