Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stink Bug vs. Garden Part 2

A couple weeks ago I talked about stink bugs in my garden. Well, I meant to get this post done about a weeks ago, but thing got busy. My poor garden...
Didn't even stand a chance.
The green ones started to rot as soon as they were the size of a golf ball.
They inflict a virus that kills the whole plant.
These stayed green but popped and deflated as soon as they turned yellow.
Lost every single melon and cantaloupe. Four days ago they were beautiful.

I sure hope no one else felt the effects of these pests like we did. They just absolutely destroyed everything except the beans and nasturtium.

The spray I made worked to keep the bugs off. Unfortunately they had already inflicted their poison. Now as it starts to get colder the quest to keep them out of the house starts. But on the upside, I know to use the spray at the start of the year next year. Want to make some spray too? Just check it out here.

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  1. Maybe you could do what I did for our squash bugs. Every single day I made little duct tape bracelets and turned over each leaf looking for the eggs. I pressed the tape to the leaves and removed the eggs, the same if I found nymphs. The adults will stick too but you need to be quicker and fold the tape over quickly. I stayed ahead of them and had a bumper crop of squash: spaghetti, acorn and pumpkins-- plus cucumbers which the squash bugs will attack but not stick bugs.

    1. Wow, you are a very dedicated person! Unfortunately stink bugs lay their eggs under ground. So getting them as eggs would be very hard. However, I think I'm gonna be more prepared for next years crop with my cayenne pepper spray! But I appreciate your thoughts, I'll remember this if I have issues with squash bugs.