Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy vs. The Chickens and Our Readiness

Hurricane Sandy has been casting gray skies over the region for days now. Yesterday rain started to fall and be came steady early this morning. Wind has been constantly pressuring the trees since about 6 this morning. Now, just before noon, the wind is staying consistently around 30 mph with some gust much stronger. All of the schools in this area have been closed for today and some for tomorrow. Stores are closing. Philadelphia, my dad works inner city, is closing down little by little. He was happy to get home in time to have lunch with us.

Although we are hoping this isn't going to be too bad of a storm, we did do minor things to prepare for the worst. A number of friends have already claimed their spots on the floor if the power goes out. Last October, when we had the freak snow storm, we lost power for 2 days, a friend lost it for 10 days and another friend went with out for 3 weeks. So, yeah, our house seems to be the safe house.

So how did we prep? Well, while everyone was clearing the shelves of bread, eggs, and milk, we hung around the house yesterday. The day before we made sure we had propane for the grill, gas for the generator, wood for fire and that was that. We checked the trees around the house and coop, but the dead ones are down.

Today... well, we did a little more. We have been keeping cells and computers plugged in so that we have full batteries in case we do lose power. I went to the store (no one was there and shelves were stocked!) and got a a bunch of cabbage heads, some meat that was marked down (must have over stocked for the storm because it was the fresh stuff that was marked down) and a few snack items. Then went and filled the tank up with gas and that was that. I know how to cook over an open fire and we have the fire place for warmth, so we feel pretty good about our time of family and rest at home.

We cooked up a few meals ahead of time to feed anyone who comes by. If we ended up for an extended period of time with out power, well we have a spring on our property, plenty of wood, chickens for eggs, plenty of food and we can make bread. The cast iron pots are ready as always.

The chickens are not impressed. We kept them in the coop today. With rain pouring down and wind gusting about we decided it was best they had a down day.... or two. Hence the heads of cabbage I grabbed at the store, hope they keep them occupied and happy. We are so glad we built the mansion coop now instead of the smaller one originally planned!

To anyone else in the path of this storm, please be safe. Make sure you're prepared and stocked up. Consider family and friends too! And don't forget about the animals. May God, protect this nation, may this nation seek God.

Check out some pics on the internet, the shore line is getting bet up in New Jersey. We have friends that had to evacuate from there. They have a good bit of water at their homes.

Check out how to make dry shampoo to keep your hair clean when powers out!

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