Monday, June 11, 2012

Ladies Lets Get Serious and Talk Bras

I use to work with teens. Some of the girls did not have steady women in their lives to be able to ask questions and look to for advise. So I learned to be very comfortable talking about the body and girl stuff. That said, if talking about bras and that stuff makes you uncomfortable, you may want to skip this post.

Ok, so we all wear bras....I think..... I hope! Did you ever wonder if you bra is out to get you? Well, it might be! It is a little controversial, but there are studies that say underwire is actually harmful to you. Recently my dad has started to see a Naturopathic physician named Kathy S. She has been pretty amazing. She is talented and she's a Christian. Below is an excerpt from something she wrote:

Q: How dos an underwire bra effect me?
A: In the book Dressed to Kill (Avery/Penguin Putnam, 1995; ISCD Press, 2005), the authors show a major link between bra wearing and breast cancer. Research to disprove this link has not been done, with the medical/caner industry trying to ignore the bra issue. And many people comment on this issue without having read the original research, and call the link a myth and pseudoscience without having any scientific evidence to support their opposition to this vital information. 

Based on my experience, I have come to the following conclusion between underwire bras, mental health, and breast healthy.

Breast tissue is soft, fatty tissue. Cancer is found in fatty adipose tissue. Wire is a great conductor of electricity. Unseen Electromagnetic Energy is everywhere. Some of us are more sensitive to EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields). So, wearing a bra with metal wire attacks electromagnetic energy directly to the sight. Breasts are not a strong muscle that we can exercise to encourage toxins to leave.

Take it one step farther and consider the lymphatic factor. Bras restrict lymph, which pools at the breasts. Without lymph flow, the cells congest and painful, tender breasts result. Last comment: every time I test a client wearing an underwire bra, one or more of the acupressure points on the brain inevitably tests poorly. There appears to be a connection of imbalances such as, hormones, memory, confusion, headaches, bipolar disease, anxiety attacks, etc. to underwire bras, mental health and breast health. Just a word to the wise.

My personal thoughts: Well bras with underwire are, lets face it, way cuter and appealing. However, I have switched to using bras with out underwire and they do make you feel better. This sounds weird, but I feel a little more energetic by the end of the night. They support just as well (as long as you don't get a cheap one) and you don't feel sore by the end of the day. Coming from a busty girl, the last one is a mega plus! Below I'll include a couple of pages I found interesting on the subject.

That said. Sometimes we have to sit back and ask, What's more important; feeling sexy or being healthy? For me, as long as when I look in the mirror and things look normal and appealing, health out ways sex appeal any day!

Pages to look at:

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  1. Could you share what brand(s) you use? I'm a 34DD and I having them sag! I'd love to find a no-underwire bra that provides comfortable support. Thanks! Found you through the Homestead Blog Hop

    1. Hey Deanna, I hear ya, I'm a D/DD too depending on brand. Currently I am using three different brands. Lily of France, Vanity Fair, and believe it or not Danskin from Walmart. The Danskin is a cupped sports style and is probably my favorite, even though I dislike racer backs. Vanity Fair had a number of cute patterns even though they aren't as cute as underwire fashions. I haven't purchased any yet, but I was looking at wire-free on this site as well Hope this helps!

    2. Hi Deanna, sorry to butt in like this but I thought I might be able to help as I have some experience with finding a good fitting supportive bra! I cannot recommend a specific brand, as that is a very personal find; different breasts and different brands are different shapes, you have to try them on to get a feel for what is right for you.

      I can however recommend several sites that help you get a good fit and provide the proper size ranges. Once you find the size you are supposed to be wearing you will see what I mean;

      A proper fitting bra will not sag, no matter what design it is.

      Hope this helps!

  2. I left out a word...I "hate" having them sag!

  3. I find it is most important to be wearing a bra that fits properly; underwired or not. I would be very interested in seeing if the studies actually accounted for this, and who was verifying the fit. Sadly most women are not wearing the correct sized bra; a wire cutting across breast tissue absolutely affects your health! Most people don't realize just how far the breast tissue spreads; for me it goes completely under my arms almost all the way to my back, and my bras reflect this; the seam and the underwire are way back there.

    At the moment I am wearing a nursing bra, but unless I see evidence that this is about any metal on your person, rather than an ill fitting bra, I think I will be going back to my underwired beauties when we're done nursing.

    1. Rachel, you are right a proper fit is very important and I have helped a number of girls figure out how to properly wear a bra. Usually this means dropping in size. But as mentioned above, the Electromagnetic Energy (EE) is a big issue. I have been recently learning how the magnetic fields react in our bodies. So this actually is a big negative point to using underwire. It is the EE (that is everywhere with tvs, computers, cell phones, car clickers, etc.)that has negative damaging effects on our bodies. Metal attracts and conducts electricity. Yes wires push on the lumps, but the EE is just as damaging. However, everyone has their own opinion when it comes to their own health.

  4. Thank you for posting this. As depressing as it is, it's worth knowing and considering. Being an unusual size, I have a terrible time finding bras to begin with so I don't even want to think about the complications of adding yet another factor to my search, but for women who can easily make the switch this could be a great way to easily eliminate/reduce a potential health threat!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Jamie. Every little thing can help with our health. I think of people who say "I don't know how we ever made it with all the rules and regulations". They crack me up, but then again they didn't have all the stuff we have now. Oh for a simpler time.