Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random Renovations

So, this morning I was looking around me. In a camper there isn't exactly a lot to look at around you. And of course, my eyes once again fell on the headboard. The headboard looks better since I spray painted it brownish. But I just can't bring myself to love it. That would be where the fun began.

Within no time, the headboard was laying at the bottom of the bed....opps. No worries, I left no holes in the wall. I also unscrewed and pulled up the heat registers. Let me just say one thing. If the heat vents are in the middle of the floor (like right in the middle of walk ways) do not, I repeat, do  not put cheap plastic vents in. They will break under the weight of a 4 year old, not to mention a grown adult. You would think RV companies would have a stronger material to use that is still light weight.
A trip to lowes will fix the vents. But for now, I guess I'm off to the land of pintrest for some inspiration to help my desire for random renovations! I'll post pics once the master piece is completed! ....Not to mention I started painting the border this past week too! I'm loving it!

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