Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mulberrry Heaven

My parents happen to have a number of mulberry trees on their property. We love mulberries! Plus there is just something stimulating about picking your own fresh fruits and veggies.
The Great Mulberry On Start!
 Z is just like me in that way. He would be ok standing outside picking berries all day. So me, in all my great ideas, decided to help the process along. Maybe I should have let him go at it his way, it would have kept him busy longer. But, I had to be mom and step in.
My great idea.
I took a sheet and set it under the branches and shook and shook till we had a nice pile of berries. This was a great idea....until a daddy long-legs spider fell unto the blanket and crept towards Z. Needless to say, Z dropped the blanket and ran and half the berries rolled down the blanket and into the grass. A little rounding up of the berries and we were left with a nice amount to rinse and enjoy.
A lite rinse to remove any bugs. Ready to go yum, yum!
Let's just say the mulberries were a hit and that Z loved them. Unfortunately the pic does not show the damage done in great detail. It looked a bit like war paint on his hands and mouth.
Purple all over.

These guys just so happened to love the berries too. I tried to get a pic, but they were finished before the flash.
Chickens love mulberries too!

What kinds of wild yummy goodness to you like to pick and enjoy?

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