Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Change in Flock Dynamics

So last week we lowered our flock number by removing our aggressive boys. It is such a change since. Granted it has only been a week, but at least for the past week things have been peaceful again!.  The boy we have has taken his authoritative role serious. He watches out for the girls, all the girls respond well to him.  He let’s us come in and spend time with them…. he does keep a very close eye on us, but he at least lets us in now. 
 The girls have enjoyed the peace that has settled on the flock. Lily once again will let us hold her. She had kept her distance because the other two boys would attack here when we held her. The new boy just watches very closely until she is placed back on he ground. All the girls have been able to eat the scraps we put in for them now too. And ….. this is a biggie!...... the girls are all aloud to go in the coop at night! Like I said, everything seems peaceful again.
 But there is one mystery in the flock. We can’t figure if this one is a boy or a girl. It has the body, comb, and waddles of a little lady, but the tail feathers and green sheen are like that of a boy. So until it is official as to the sex of this bird it has been properly named The It.  Any ideas on what The It is?
The It is in the front with a little lady in the background.

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