Monday, July 16, 2012

Can You Homestead without Community?

We all have our own reason for homesteading. It could be for a number of reasons like or similar to having grown up farming, desire to be healthier, desire for self sufficiency and so on. But the question I pose for you to ponder is... Can you successfully homestead without community?

Sure, you can take care of your animals, perhaps you can even grow your own produce and raise your own meat, maybe even grow all the food your animals need. It's as if you are doing most of this yourself. But what if an animal takes ill or your equipment breaks down? Chances are you will need some assistance from the outside.

You know the old saying "It takes a village to raise a child"? The wisdom of those who have raised children before us, garden for decades, canned produce, raised animals, built barns or houses... they have knowledge and know how that a lot of us lack. And yet the abilities some of us younger ones have, in regards to use of technology, we can help our elders who have the knowledge.

We can't do everything alone. If the worse where to hit America tomorrow, would you be prepared? Forget hoarding rice and beans....not that it is a bad idea to have food on hand, you never know when there could be those times where they would be needed... this would be the time people would be relieved they have neighbors of like mindedness and community counts.

Perhaps you have an awesome garden. I mean a garden that is set up to produce year round with fruits and veggies. Maybe its an two or five acres big and brings productive to a new level. But, you are lacking in protein. Well, let's just say the neighbor two doors up has 100 chickens popping out dozens or eggs a day, 200 head of cattle and milking cows, and a couple dozen breeding rabbits. I would say that would be a little bit too much meat/eggs/milk for one family. Now lets say that just by chance the gardener and the farmer are lacking in the ability to cook from scratch with what they have before them (no extras from the store), but the sweet older lady that lives between you two can cook like no other. I mean that mouth watering aroma that can make the best chefs be put to shame. But, this dear woman is to old to milk a cow/goat or too feeble as to be workings rows upon rows of fruits and veggies in the garden. I would have to say this would be the perfect set up for community living.

In essence, it is all about living and working together. Many would be lonely by there self 24/7. We need each other, why else do people date or marry? Don't try and do it alone, eventually you will need someone else, why not start with finding people of like mind and work together now, before it is to late.

On a side note dust off the movie WALL* E. We rented it from the library and my son loved it. I found it a little inspirational. It led me to think of this quote I had once read: 1. Whenever technology does not humanize it dehumanizes (diminishes man). 2. Whatever diminishes man diminishes his capacity to receive God. 3. Therefore bad technology is spiritually alienating and destructive to the soul. 

 That said, I am not catholic and don't care for titles, however I felt this was a good thought to ponder.

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  1. We live 4 hours from grocery shopping and our closest neighbor is 20 miles away. That said, the internet has been a good community for me as a learning platform and a place to share and fellowship. I am alone most of the time until my husband comes in from working, but I have plenty of critters to keep me company, so they are my community too. As far as technology, as I said, the internet has been good for me, but I remember as a kid we all had our own tv's and stereos, and we never, ever, had family time. It isn't always a positive!

    1. Well, you are right, it is not always possible to be in contact with people. 20 miles you are a good distance out. I was just hoping to get people to consider the possibility of community. To Often we get so caught up in our own world and forget sometimes we need to let others in and work together. We are in the process of relocating. We will be 45 mins from gas and little grocery store. and 1.5 hours form all other shopping.....but my friend you have most people beat! I'm glad you are able to build a community from the internet!

  2. I was just talking to my friend today about this! They run a full-time raw milk dairy and we're hoping the Lord provides land for us close to them so that we can partner and farm together. Someday, you'll have to come visit us in Florida!!!

    Kelli :)

  3. That's too funny! I was just going through a few of your post thinking to myself that it would be awesome if we knew each other in real life. Camper living aside, I have found a number of your post to be encouraging and smile inducing.