Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Garden

So we went back and forth on whether to start the garden or not. (We were hoping to move early summer, but we are still here) So Memorial weekend we started a very late garden. The tomatoes are heavy with fruit and more coming. I can’t wait for the first ripe one, I love fresh off the plant tomato sandwiches! The yellow pear tomatoes are forming now, too.
Please turn red!

Or yellow!

The cucumbers are going crazy, we will have plenty to last a long while! My son loves watching how fast they are growing. And we have had to count them a number of times to appease him!

The beans are not doing so good, a bit of a bust, the beets and carrots started to come up, but then disappears, and the radish were a wonderful harvest! We have a couple of small watermelons, aren’t they cute?
 And finally the great mystery! What kind of sunflower is this? Where is the flower at? When I ordered the seeds, I thought this was one of the giant towering sunflowers, but then when they arrived the package said it would be about 2-3 feet tall. Well, it is now as tall as me and every time we think it is going to give us a flower, it shoots up another 6 inches. When will it stop? No one knows!!

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  1. The garden look great! So glad you had luck with watermelon. The bugs get to mine before they ripen. :( Love all the new posts.