Friday, July 20, 2012

Great Gift Idea on a Budget

My mother in law turned 60 this past week. Hooray for her! But what do you get someone who is 60 and do it on a budget? Well thankfully she has been interested in hearing what we have been up to and wanting to try it.  She also wanted to start a garden this summer, but with work traveling she was not able to. So that's when we were all like BINGO!
What is inside that basket? I filled it with different products that I made and use daily. There is deodorant, toothpaste and lotion in the front row. In the back we have laundry detergent, lavender disinfectant and peppermint dish soap.
 I also included a wall decal for the room she just repainted.
I wasn't so impressed with the basket, so I broke out my craft bag and added a few beads around the edge of the fabric. Small touch, but adds a little spunk!
And since it we cant exactly do a garden for here (we are two hours apart) we found a nice potted tomato that was covered with plump green tomatoes! Wahoo for a garden with out the sweat of starting it!!! Total cost: way within budget. I already had most of the items around the house. Just picked up a few items at the dollar store and wa la, perfecto. I know she's going to love it, which makes the needle pricks so worth it! (I'm not the best with hand stitching, I prefer the sewing machine.)

Gifts don't have to be something over the top in extravagance, don't blow your budget just to impress someone. Think out of the box, what can you make or pull together to make something special. Many of times I will find a nice looking box, like a hat box, and fill it with little things that have special meaning. Like a wedding present might look like a little suitcase box filled with chocolate covered strawberries, a fancy candle, bottle of wine and two glasses, and something special to wear.  With most items purchased at Ross, you can make a nice looking box on a small budget with out spending a lot of money. Don't forget the clearance section! Many people have told me how much they like the gift...years later. Most of the time it really is the thought that counts!!

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