Thursday, July 26, 2012

What to Do with All the Watermelon?

In a camper the frig is small and there for the space is valuable for the food you need all week (or at least till you make it to the store again!)  That said, I love fresh watermelon. It is so refreshing, it taste good, and the color is pretty too! So what is a girl to do with all that watermelon? There is no way it will fit in my fridge.  So I got creative. 
I started out with that great little hand powered food processor I have. It is becoming my favorite tool in the kitchen! I chopped up some watermelon till it was liquefied. Then I poured some into an ice pop container. I also poured some in to a glass bottle and topped it off with water for some lightly flavored watermelon water. Next, some went into baggies to be frozen for future smoothies (to be made in my handy dandy food processor!). And last, but not least, my parents joined us for fresh watermelon. What is left over went into a bowel for tomorrow’s enjoyment. The chickens will have a wonderful buffet tomorrow, so that is a double yummy yum!

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  1. Oh the beauty of watermelon shrub! Perhaps you get a melon that is not quite sweet enough, or you just have too much t use. Deseed your melon, smash with a potato masher and put through a colander, or alternatively, blend in a blender, and strain through a pillow case. Once you have made this wonderful nectar, to every quart add a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar, and sugar or Stevia to taste. I use about one packet of stevia extract per quart. Yum!

    1. Hmm, what an interesting idea. The melons are ripening on the vine, might have to give this a try!