Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Kid Friendly Restaurant

My in laws live a ways out. This past weekend my mother in law turned 60 so we all headed in that way to spend time with them. First stop was to visit my father in law. We usually go to a restaurant to spend time with him. The building he lives in smells like smoke and I have a low tolerance for the smell before I get stuffed up and start to feel sick. 
 Well, the last time we were up he took us to this nice Greek restaurant.  We really liked it and so decided that it would be a great place to visit again, especially since it wasn’t just our son but also 3 year old nephew.  Kid friendly a must!
 This place was not made with the kids in mind, no rather the college kids, but 11 o’clock on a summer Saturday, we had the place to ourselves. The boys loved checking the waterfall, goldfish pond, golf course, and all the old machinery out (the building was an old popcorn factory at one time). It was a nice long visit with dad and the kids didn’t get antsy! 

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