Thursday, July 12, 2012

That Song

Was there ever a song that could carry you away and change the atmosphere? Sometimes by David Crowder does that to me. Whether I purposely play it or it happens to come on with out my noticing, I feel my spirit sore. Earlier today, as I was washing dishes, my son was listening to music. I wasn't focused on what was playing, I knew it was the Passion cd and there was no need to worry. But then, there was such a refreshing feeling that came over me and that's when I noticed it was that song. Whether I feel happy or sad, stressed or free, this song just makes everything seems a little brighter, a little free-er. Does that make sense? I sure hope you have a song that does that for you.

 And for good measure, here is another amazing song! Arms Wide Open by Misty Edwards.

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