Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Feel Good Moment

What a joyful way to start the day. Your little ones have played hard the day and night before. They swam and ran. They climbed into bed and feel fast to sleep. You followed suit. As your eyes drift closed your last thoughts are of hope that your precious one sleeps late.

The next morning, you open your eyes and stretch. With a glance of the clock you notice it is after 8:30! The little one is asleep... still. Boy, do you feel refreshed! Not only did you get to sleep in, but you got to wake on your own timing, slowly and gradually. Then, you get to read your devotional time in the peace of the still morning. By the time your little one emerges for the covers you are awake feel refreshed and ready to conquer animals, cleaning, and peanut butter smeared faces!

Oh, what a joyful way to start a day!

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