Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crush My Fantasy

So I was pondering some lyrics I was listening to. How often do we listen to music with out really listening? Probably on average we don’t really hear what we are listening to. Well, I’ve been in this funk of wanting to hear what I’m listening to. Is there power in what we listen to? Absolutely! How often does your attitude and emotions change when you are listening to music? Music can change the atmosphere in a room/party. Music has power behind it. It can promote good and evil. It can bring you into a place of worshiping the King, it can enhance a high (I’ve never used drugs!), it can drop you into deeper depression, it can make you feel angry. It is power.
So, the music I was enjoying was Matisyahu. Two of his songs in particular stood out to me. Little clips of the lyrics are below:
I will be light
Time will continue without you
So in the end
Its not about you
What did you do?
Who do you love besides you
Beside you, many died in the name of vanity
Many die, in their mind's eye, for justice
We die for you
And still do
So I say to you
This is nothing new
You've got one tiny moment in time
For life to shine, to shine
To burn away the darkness

I will be light.

So after listening to this song I pondered what am I doing that is making tomorrow a better place? I want to do so much, I want to show the world that there is hope, there is peace and there is so, so much love! I want the world to know that it doesn’t end here, that tomorrow is just around the corner. I’ve learned in my short life that joy really does come in the morning, that is okay to mess up as long as you work to improve, you can’t stop living because tomorrow is still coming.

I will crush my fantasy,
bring me olive oil crushed for his majesty
to shine a warmth into eternity, this is an eternal decree,
We'll dance like flames for there's no gravity,
for now I'm just a candle trying to stay lit in this windy night.
Got to crush my fantasies of how this life is supposed to be

How often do we dream and think through how we feel things should be. Even in the venture of homesteading, we tend to dream and think how it should be. But then bugs attack the garden and an animal turns up sick. Reality sets in. This quest is not as easy as the fantasy makes it seem. In your head there it is just so easy, with a hundred animals frolicking in the fields and a garden big enough to feed the whole town. Eating only food grown/raised on your own land. Everyone living in peace and harmony and the temperature staying fixed at 75* and sunny with a light breeze. And don’t forget the nice soft rain tap, tap, tapping on the roof at night.

Quite a beautiful place, huh? Reality? Not even close. But, regardless to the fantasy, this life is real and we need to make the difference. I know we have all heard the one candle can light a room and make a difference etc. But it is true! We can make a change; we can be the start to tomorrow. Even if all we are changing is our attitude, or the hope of our children; it is a change worth changing!

So what are you doing for tomorrow? How are you keeping your flame lit? 

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