Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm A Chicken Nurd!

Did you ever read those posts other people have put up about their chickens? They ramble on about how cute their chickens are, how fun they are to watch and their personalities are just so cute. You sit there and go "But they're just a bird. They lay eggs and taste good."

Well, I've become a chicken nurd. I border on obsessed over the chickens. I can spend a couple hours a day watching them and their antics. They do all have their own personalities. I love when one gets a worm and takes off running and bleating in joy only to get the attention of the rest of the chickens and the race is on. Who will end with the worm? Or how about those dust baths? Talk about a crazy, flopping mess! 
About 5 Weeks old. Happy chicks!

They have grown so much now. They are about 11 weeks now and growing fast. We finished their coop and they have a nice yard they wander in. The yard is about 15 x 40. Plenty big for Joy Bells to run circles around. 
Can you spot Joy Bells?
We decided to name the chicks after flowers. Although most of the boys are just called Big Boy, due to the fact that they will not all be staying with us. However, this one below is named Dandy, for dandelion. When we sit in the pen he likes to stand on our knees.
Dandy, Isn't he beautiful?

The little girl below is one of my favorites. Her name is Lily. Since day one she was always the friendliest in the group. She always ran to the side of the box to greet you. She loved to be held. The box started off in the basement and when we would do laundry she would jump up onto the edge of the box to watch us. Now that shes outside, she still runs to greet us and she still loves to be held. Shes also our escape artist. Thankfully she has been good since the tall fence has gone up. She's also the smallest of the 14 birds, but she ranks pretty high in the pecking order. Not many birds mess with her.
Little Lily on my arm.
The last chick I'm going to share with you tonight is Blue Belle. She has this feminine waddle to her and she talks like a girl. She reminds me of a southern belle, all proper and everything, which is how she got her name. She's very loud when announcing her findings of worms and tends to hang out by the coop door. 
Blue Belle guarding the door.

So there you have it. Our beauties! They are Black Australorps and we have 14 of them. They are just so friendly and love to greet us when we go in the pen. If you haven't had chickens but think it might be for you, go ahead and get them. They are great to have! I just can't wait for the eggs to start arriving!

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