Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY Toothpaste

I have a great dislike for dentists. Granted I have reasons for not wanting to ever go through their doors, but remove those reasons and still I don't care to go for a visit. Just think about all those chemicals and radiation and what not that enters your body when you go for a visit. Forget the dentist and lets talk about your toothpaste. Did you ever read the label? How about that little warning about swallowing or kids using it? Even the "healthy" toothpastes have this warning.

When Z was a year old he was put on an antibiotic that turned his teeth black. (FYI, at this time I also learned that Orajel baby toothpaste can turn teeth blackish too.) The recommended way to fix black teeth is a trip to the dentist for a whitening treatment or switching to adult toothpaste. So I set out on the journey of finding better ways to take care of my teeth. And came across an article about coconut oil. We had already been fans of cooking with coconut oil, but, wow, were we surprised of its qualities!

Before we get to the amazingly easy recipe lets talk about toothpaste. What do you really know about fluoride? Well, we should all know its a chemical. But did you know it causes weak teeth and bones, that it causes cancer and can cause damage to your nervous system? How about the fact that fluoride is used in rat poison? And here is a fact that many people don't know. Nazis but fluoride into the drinking water in Jewish ghettos and in the camps. Why you may ask, because fluoride placate people, it cause them to be easier to control. Don't believe me? Google it!

Anyways with these facts at hand, it was time for change and immediately! So the research began. Back to the coconut oil. Coconut oil is antibacterial and anti fungal. It helps to sooth your gums and stop bleeding and sores. It deters gingivitis and thrush and can reverse tooth decay. What's not to love about all that?

The second ingredient is baking soda. Just about everyone knows that backing soda is great for eliminating odor as well as cleaning, but did you know that it is alkaline? That means it helps to neutralize the acidic acids in your mouth that cause tooth decay.

This stuff is awesome! In June, it will mark one year of using this toothpaste. I will not go back! After brushing your teeth they feel so clean! I mean so smooth and so refreshingly clean. Your mouth feels clean. It's amazing. You can brush before bed and wake the next morning and your mouth still feels clean. Just make and place in a jar by the sink. I like to melt mine a little when the coconut is solid by running under hot water. When its melted in the summer I shake it a little to keep it mixed well. Otherwise, just dip your brush in and brush those pearlie whites! We have had a lot of compliments in regards to our white teeth, so have friends who started to use it too.

The recipe:
50/50 baking soda and coconut oil
A sprinkle of pure stevia to add a little sweetener and kill the salt water flavor
And if you want a few drops of essential oil mint or spearmint

I personally skip the essential oil and just use stevia. I make 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of coconut oil at a time and it last our family of 3 for a month. Just remember to use hot water and let the water run for a few minutes after spiting it out. That way the coconut oil wont harden in your pipes. Or spit it out in a trash can. 

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