Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life Full Time in a Camper

Living in a camper is different then living in a house! Ok that is actually like an understatement. But, I love it! Sure the space isn’t as big, but the floor plan is perfect for our little family. Joy Bells might not be has impressed as the rest of us, but with the comforts of her kong, rope and chew bone she’s starting to settle in.

Our home sweet home!
 Isn’t she beautiful? The windows are great! There is so much natural light during the day, so unlike the 3 windows in our first apartment townhouse! The more natural light the better as far as I’m concerned. And speaking of all those windows, the wind blows in one end and down out the other making for some beautiful temps inside so far.

What is some of my favorite things about living in a camper? Well, you know those people who say “I can clean my place in 30 minutes”, when really they are only scratching the surface dirt? Yeah, well I can really clean my place from front to back, top to bottom in about 30 minutes! Rain, I love, love, love the rain! I think the only better place to be during a rainstorm than a camper would be a barn. The location that we are parked in would be the next best thing.  We are parked at the end of the property of a retreat center. Our ministry has used this center for a couple years now and we just love being here. It’s quite, it’s away from roads, there is not an over abundance of lights, and there is a lot of land run for Z and Joy Bells to run. We have a view; I can see the rolling hills off in the distance around us.  And lastly, it’s my tiny home, since I think tiny homes are just so awesome!
One of our views.
What are my least favorite things? Well, we sit on wheels and jacks instead of a foundation. In other words, when Z and Joy Bells decide to run off energy inside, the place can get a shaking and swaying! The shower is a bit small. Not to bad as I’m on the shorter side, but the water heater is small too. That means if you have long hair, as I do, you have to decide- do I wash my hair or shave today? Washing my hair alone uses almost all the hot water! Decor is not exactly what I call stylish! But this is something that can be remedy! We are in the process of changing things and making it feel more like home.

We are currently about 10 minutes from my parent’s property. This is a little bummer as our chickens are there. We want a milking goat as well as rabbits. They would have to live on my parent’s property too. Not such a big deal, as my parents are enjoying this journey with us, however the down side is I don’t get to do everything every day. I know I know, some of you would think that it’s great to not run the homestead every day, but I love to be active and outside, and this is a dream come true for me and I want to do it all.
Mile up this road is the raw milk dairy. Yummy!
 We are living in the perfect location, for the time being! Like I said above, it is beautiful here. We can see for miles and the streetlights are down closer to the main part of the property, meaning its dark up here and we can see stars. I was showing Z the stars the other night and all he could say was WOW!  Loved it. We have seen a 3.5 foot black snake, turkeys, deer, ground hogs, hawks, eagles, blue birds, yellow finches, dozens of other birds. We have heard owls. And this random white dog running around, oh wait she’s mine!

I think campers are great home ideas for those who are just starting off life and need to save up some money or want to build a home. The cost of a decent camper is not too expensive. And lot rent is not usually to bad. We pay $100 a week and it includes electric, sewer, water, internet, garbage disposal, and we never have to do lawn care! However, we can enjoy a river, fields, woods, and a small playground. We will be moving to our own land soon where we plan to build, in the mean time, when we are ready to move, we will still have a place to live that will be our own while building. With all of our bills (including grocery, phones, car, insurance) we are paying half of what we would pay for an apartment that allows dogs and would be big enough for us. Campers are something to be considered!
Some of the scenery.
Stay Tuned as I plan to bring you guys for an indoor tour in the next week or two!

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  1. Hi Abigail! You and your hubs are so smart to do this! Wow! Is all I can say! It sounds like you live in a beautiful place! Your goals will be attained before you know it! Thanks for sharing your updates with us! Blessings from Bama!

    1. Thanks Bama Girl. It's crazy how we got here but we do love it! The future is all that stands between now and forever and I am learning to embrace it with all of its unknowns!