Saturday, May 26, 2012

Real Firemen at the Front Door

So today was an exciting day to say the least. And not to mention full of laughs. We spent the day at my parents today. We finished emptying our storage unit of the large items, while my parents opened the pool and set up a new clothesline. Afterwards we tilled up some of the yard for a “later is better then never” garden. 

What’s so exciting or funny about this, well not much.  Actually nothing! Today also happened to be 86 degrees with 87% humidity… in other words, you only have to walk outside to break a sweat! Throw in all the work we got done today, well lets just say I know that my homemade deodorant works, and works really well! I will share the deodorant with you all next week!

Ok, staying focused. So after we were done all this work, we realized it was now dinner time. So, Raf took Z out side to run in a sprinkler while my parents and I were going to run to the store and pick up a far from healthy dinner. And then that’s when it started. Did you smell that? How could I not! Oh my head, it started to pound! Breathing was difficult, the freshly opened pool smelled almost better! Natural gas, and it smelled like it was pouring out of our yard. The only problem, we don’t have natural gas!

So my mom called 911 and reported it. That would be about when the fun started and laughs followed. I looked at my dad and chuckled, did you hear that? Yep he did, sirens. See we thought they would send out a truck. Just one simple truck. Boy, were we wrong. In a small town where not to much excitement happens, a 911 call is like saying “We struck gold!”. We could hear the sirens coming in from three directions and in a matter of minutes there were 8 vehicles with blinking lights. The road was shut down and the neighbors stated to emerge.
One of the trucks seen through the trees.
 Z was so excited, he had no idea we called 911. But when we heard the sirens he was excited, but usually we never see the cars or lights where we live, just the sounds bouncing off the hills. But then we could see the lights coming up the road, boy was he excited now! Then the truck in the lead tried to turn up our driveway. Now Z was hyped, they were coming to our place. Now, noticed how I said “tried”? They didn’t make it around the turn.

They had to park all over the road and walk all the way up the driveway. I felt bad for them in the heavy uniforms walking our long drive in the heat and humidity.  They said they smelled it coming up the road, but till they walked the property and got their special equipment out, well all they could tell us was we had excellent oxygen levels. So we laughed, laughed at the three fire companies that came racing to our rescue, laughed at the fact we finally got to talk to both neighbors at one time (we hardly ever see each other through the trees).  Laughed at Z’s excitement to see real firemen.  And we laughed at the people trying to go down our road only to have to try and turn around. Some how in all that excitement we forgot about the humidity.
Bottom of driveway and the turn he couldn't make.
 So once the drive was cleared of fire trucks we drove to the store. All the way up the road neighbors were out talking to each other and look down towards our place. Coming up the basement steps we heard the phone ring. It was my dad’s hunting buddy from up the other end of the road. He was calling because it looked like the trucks stopped near our house and wanted to know what happen. No worries, we’re just fine.

So, our immediate neighbors smelled the natural gas, but we were the only ones who thought to call it in. Not sure where it came from as no one on our end of the road has natural gas. Not sure where it went, the firemen couldn’t figure it out.

The moral of this excitement… If you want to meet or talk to your neighbors, just call 911! If you want to see a bunch of little kids get really excited, just call 911! If you want to watch people walk through the woods just to come snooping down your driveway, just call 911! If you want to see 3 fire companies respond to a smell, just call 911! You get fast reactions from people, and you get to laugh at them… and feel relieved it was just some random, unexplainable cloud of natural gas.

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