Thursday, May 10, 2012

How We Got Here and Who We Are

My father received a diagnosis for a rare type of arthritis. The treatment....cancer related drugs. And they were only to help make him comfortable. I watched my father in his mid 40s not be able to pick up his 2 year old grandson, not be able to walk down steps, not be able to turn his head. He is suppose to be in a wheelchair now. He is suppose to be knocking on deaths door, as this form of arthritis is incurable and reacts fast. 

We always ate "healthy", but after this doctors visit we knew it was time to get our acts together and really think about what we were doing to ourselves. I am more than happy and releaved to say that by the power of Jesus, and the love of an amazing God, my father is holding his now 4 year old grandson, walking steps, running, we even built a mansion of a chicken coop together.

Between what happen to my dad and reading the book The Seven Pillars of Health by Dr. Don Colbert, we knew it was time to start living life God's way. It was time to slow down and enjoy life and family. 

So now that you know the basic layout of our families journey, I would like to introduce you to us.

Z and Abigail

That would be me, Abigail. I love learning new stuff and putting it into practice. I do most of the research for the family and then we all adapt it. I love nature and landscape photography. My family means the world to me. I was a youth pastors for a few years and I now help my parents with their ministry. With out Jesus, my life would not be what it is today.

Next would be that incredibly handsome man next to me, Z. Z is 4 years old and is the most amazing kid in the world. He can quote about 15 scriptures, loves to pray for people and started homeschooling this year. He loves to try and feed the chickens flowers and sticks and loves to play random games with our dog. If you give him the chance he would be outside from sun up to sun down. And if you talk to him for more that 5 seconds you are almost guaranteed an invite to visit him at his camper. Isn't he just sssssooooo cute?!? 

Coco, Pop Pop and Nay Nay

That amazing couple... hidden by the massive fluff... would be my parents. I couldn't have asked for a more loving and involved set of parents. They run a ministry, believe in the power of healing, love God with everything in them and are into learning to be self sufficient. Pop Pop loves to hunt and can fix/build anything and is great with animals. Nay Nay, named by Z when he was a year old, loves to paint and decorate. Each room in the house has at least three coats of paint, with about a million coats in the living room! We are currently using their acre property until we all move to our homestead in the sticks.

That gorgeous mass of fluff is Coco. He would be my parents dog, but secretively he is mine. When we make it to our family homestead I plan to kidnap him. Coco is amazing with all the grand kids, letting them play on him like a jungle gym. He is a big teddy bear of love and can be caught cuddled up with Joy Bells for an afternoon nap. In the pic below is that white wonder, Joy Bells. She's Z's little girl. She loves to play and run and snuggle with Z at night. They are two peas in a pod and always causing trouble together! 

Trouble in the making. All that's 
missing from this pic is Z.
Notice the screen behind Coco.

So that would be my beautiful family. Well, half of it, the half that is excited at this time to journey to the unknown. Life will never stop going and changing, but you can make the choice to stop running and gunning. Love your family. Take a deep breath, ahh, doesn't that just feel refreshing?

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