Thursday, May 31, 2012

Control Within the Chaos

Wow it’s already the weekend! This week has gotten away from me. I was able to sit with my chickens today. That always takes a load off my shoulders. I truly love those creatures. They have been such a blessing and a great stress reliever for me!
Sitting on the log and notice me approaching.

Getting excited to see me!
They are more like dogs, in that they get excited to see you and when you sit on the log they all surround you and some sit on your lap. And of course dear Lily will perch on your arm.

I had planned to bring you all for a tour inside the trailer and talk about home made deodorants this week, but we had really spotty internet reception, so it didn’t happen. Next week is a new week.
I am so looking forward to this weekend. The girls are going to the mountains and we are just going to hang out, horseback ride, and be crazy! Isn’t it a blessing to be able to sneak away from life and have a weekend time out?

I leave you with this song. I enjoy this song so, and it seems to sum up my life right now. It may be crazy and all over the board, but it is good. And God is still in control.

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